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Calacatta Vene 2.0 (002).jpg

GQE004 Calacatta Vene 2.0

Calacatta Vene 2.0 is a white quartz made to resemble marble. Its faint grey “veining” drapes across a clean white background, giving the material a natural but timeless look.


Available in 126”x63’ jumbo slabs.

GQE015 Calacatta Arena

Calacatta Arena is a white quartz cascaded with beautiful gold veining. Its pattern makes a statement while still being suitable for a variety of different installations. 


Available in 126”x63” jumbo slabs.

Calacatta Arena (002) (002)_edited.jpg

GQD009 Cafe Tierra

Café Tierra is a beige colored quartz with small speckles and white detailing throughout. Its faint pattern gives slight dimension while its consistent color creates uniformity throughout the slab.

Available in 126"x63" jumbo slabs and prefabs.

GQD010 Galaxy White

Galaxy White is a bright white quartz mixed with clear and mirrored crystals throughout. The medium sized crystals add an element of visual interest and will brighten any interior space.

Available in 126"x63" jumbo slabs and prefabs.

GQD010 Galaxy White.jpg
Venatino Grey_edited_edited.jpg

GQC019 Venatino Grey

Venatino Grey is a medium grey quartz with small white veins running throughout. The white veining give slight dimension to the base while providing consistent uniformity.

Available in 126"x63" jumbo slabs and prefabs.

 New Arrivals

De Oro Close Up_edited_edited.jpg

GQE013 Calacatta De Oro

Calacatta De Oro is a marble inspired quartz with thin golden veins draped across a white background. The warm neutrals in this pattern not only gives it character but allows for it to be used in a variety of different spaces.


Available in 126”x63’ jumbo slabs and prefabs. 

GQE014 Calacatta La Miel

Calacatta La Miel is a white quartz with light grey veining, highlighted with hints of gold. Its cascading pattern gives the material a natural look, mimicking the appearance of marble.


Available in 126”x63” jumbo slabs and prefabs.

La Miel Close Up_edited_edited.jpg
Calacatta Aurora Book Matched.jpg

GQE012 Calacatta Aurora

Calacatta Aurora is a white quartz with grey, marble-like veining. The striking vein details adds character to its clean and simple backdrop.


Available in 126”x63’ jumbo slabs.

GQE007 Calacatta Rayo

Calacatta Rayo is a remarkable black quartz with vibrant white veining throughout. This bold design mimics the appearance of black marble. 


Available in 126”x63” jumbo slabs.